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Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. Baskıdaki Makaleler: TKDA-82598 | DOI: 10.5543/tkda.2019.82598

Pacemaker pocket infection rate and suture technique

Goutam Datta
Burdwan Medical College, Calcutta, India

The incidence of Cardiac implantable electronic device(CIED )
infection is usually <2%. Interrupted suture is thought to be better than
continuous suture to prevent pacemaker pocket infection. We are trying
to find any correlation between two suture techniques in regard to
pacemaker wound infection rate.

Two thousand and two hundred patients were studied over a
period of five years from 2011 to 2016. There were 1096 patients in
study group and 1104 patients in control group. Continuous sutures were
used in study group and interrupted sutures were used in control group.

Pacemaker pocket infection occurred in 33 patients (1.5%).
Seventeen patients in study group and sixteen patients in control group
have suffered from pacemaker pocket infection. Pacemaker pocket
haematoma was seen in 54 patients in study group(4.9%) and 50 patients
in control group(4.5%).


Wound closure by continuous or interrupted suture
technique have no role in preventing pacemaker pocket infection.

Keywords: Cardiac pacemaker, pacemaker pocket infection, suture technique.

Pacemaker pocket infection rate and suture technique

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