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Normothermic Blood Cardioplegia [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1994; 22(2): 125-128

Normothermic Blood Cardioplegia


Hypothermia is widely acknowledge to be the fundamental component of myocardial protection during cardiac operations. Although it prolongs the period of number of major disadvantages, including its detrimental effects on enzymatic function, energy generation, and cellular integrity. Continuous warm blood cardioplegia has been used as an alternative to traditional cold intermittent infusion techniques during cardiac surgery. Warm oxygenated blood cardioplegia has certain theoretical advantages, such as continuously supplying oxygen and substrates to the arrested heart while avoiding the side effects of hypothermia. Recent clinical reports have suggested that continuous delivery of oxygeneted warm blood cardioplegia through the coronary veins produces good myocardial preservation during aortic cross clamping. In this report, we discuss benefits and risks of retrograde continuous warm blood cardioplegia.

Keywords: Normothermic blood cardioplegia

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Rıza TÜRKÖZ, Ahmet BALTALARLI, Mansur ŞAĞBAN. Normothermic Blood Cardioplegia. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1994; 22(2): 125-128
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