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Determinants of HDL-cholesterol and its Prediction of Coronary Disease Among Turks [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2003; 31(1): 9-16

Determinants of HDL-cholesterol and its Prediction of Coronary Disease Among Turks

Altan Onat1, Gülay Hergenç1, Bülent Uzunlar1, Köksal Ceyhan1, Hüseyin Uyarel1, Mehmet Yazıcı1, Yüksel Doğan1, Mehmet Özmay1, Sadık Toprak1, Vedat Sansoy1

The distribution of serum concentrations of HDLcholesterol (HDL-C), its correlation with other risk factors, its determinants and its association with coronary heart disease (CHD) likelihood was studied cross-sectionally in 2350 persons constituting the 2001/02 cohort of the Turkish Adult Risk Factor Study. Moreover, the prediction of future fatal and nonfatal CHD w as investigated in the 1 997/98 cohort comprising 2362 men and women free of CHD. HDL-C was generally measured with dry chemistry method using a Reflotron apparatus, but utilizing the direct method without precipitation in year 2001 and w as validated in over 6% of the cohort in a reference laboratory. Mean HDL-C was 38.0±10.0 and 45.3±1 1.3 mg/di in men and women, respectively, whose mean age was 52±12 years in the cross-sectional analysis. HDL-C levels were under 40 mg/di in 64% of men and in 35.5 of women. The inverse relationship between HDL-C and triglyceride concentrations was deınonstrated in increas ing deciles. In linear regression ınodels compris ing ll variables, smoking habit, waist circumference and physical inactivity suppressed HDL-C, whereas alcohol use was associated with elevation of this !eve!. The slope of the linear regression allowed following estimated independent changes (pKeywords: Epidemiology, HDL-cholesterol, coronary heart disease, risk factors, smoking, Turkish adults

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Altan Onat, Gülay Hergenç, Bülent Uzunlar, Köksal Ceyhan, Hüseyin Uyarel, Mehmet Yazıcı, Yüksel Doğan, Mehmet Özmay, Sadık Toprak, Vedat Sansoy. Determinants of HDL-cholesterol and its Prediction of Coronary Disease Among Turks. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2003; 31(1): 9-16
Manuscript Language: Turkish

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