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Partially Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage with Fallot's Tetralogy [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1991; 19(5): 398-399

Partially Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage with Fallot's Tetralogy

Selmin KARADEMİR1, Süheyla ÖZKUTLU1, Semra ATALAY1

Partially anomalous pulmonary venous connection was found in two of a series of 359 patients (% 0.27) with tetralogy of Fallot. Both patients presented merely with the clinical features of tetralogy of Fallot. Anomalous pulmonary venous drainage was diagnosed by cardiac catheterisation 1 and 3 years postoperatively, performed to explain the existing slight cardiomegaly. Correction of tetralogy of Fallot without re-routing of anomalously draining vein can be performed without serious long-term sequelae if only one or two lobar vessels are affected.

Keywords: Tetralogy of Fallot, partial anomalous pulmonary venous return

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Selmin KARADEMİR, Süheyla ÖZKUTLU, Semra ATALAY. Partially Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage with Fallot's Tetralogy. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1991; 19(5): 398-399
Manuscript Language: Turkish

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