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Heart and Lung Transplantation in Childhood: A Case Report [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1998; 26(7): 446-448

Heart and Lung Transplantation in Childhood: A Case Report

Öztekin OTO1, Ünal AÇIKEL1, Eyüp HAZAN1, Hüdai ÇATALYÜREK1, Nejat SARIOSMANOĞLU1, Erdem SİLİSTRELİ1, Fikret MALTEPE2, Hasan HEPAĞUŞLAR3, Adnan AKÇORAL4, Aydanur KARGI5, Kıvanç METİN1, Özalp KARABAY1, Murat ERTÜRK1, Hüseyin OKUTAN1, Akın TURAN1, Cüneyt NARİN1, Aylin ÖRER1, Nilgün ÖZELSANCAK1

A 9-year-old child, who had patent ductus arteriosus that had been ligated in our clinic 17 months ago., dtype transposition of great arteries, double-outlet right ventricle, restrictive ventricular septal defect and irreversible pulmonary vascular disease underwent a heartlung transplanlation procedure, firstly done in Turkey. Though the early diagnosis and treatment is generally possible in congenital heart diseases, repairing procedures may delay reasoning from various factors and these patients 'can lose their chance of correction. Optimal conditions and organisation are being developed in Turkey and in our region, which are required for improving the survival and quality of life of these transplanı applicants.

Keywords: transplantation, double-outlet right ventricle, pulmonary vascular disease

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Öztekin OTO, Ünal AÇIKEL, Eyüp HAZAN, Hüdai ÇATALYÜREK, Nejat SARIOSMANOĞLU, Erdem SİLİSTRELİ, Fikret MALTEPE, Hasan HEPAĞUŞLAR, Adnan AKÇORAL, Aydanur KARGI, Kıvanç METİN, Özalp KARABAY, Murat ERTÜRK, Hüseyin OKUTAN, Akın TURAN, Cüneyt NARİN, Aylin ÖRER, Nilgün ÖZELSANCAK. Heart and Lung Transplantation in Childhood: A Case Report. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1998; 26(7): 446-448
Manuscript Language: Turkish

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