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Evaluation and Management of Aortic Valve in Proximal Aortic Dissections [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1997; 25(1): 39-44

Evaluation and Management of Aortic Valve in Proximal Aortic Dissections

Hakan POSACIOĞLU1, Yüksel ATAY1, Faik OKUR1, Bülent ÇETİNDAĞ1, İlker ALAT1, Levent CAN1, Alp ALAYUNT1, Münevver YÜKSEL1, Suat BÜKET1, Önol BİLKAY1

Aortic valvular incompetence is frequently seen in patients with proximal aortic dissection. In accordance with the anatomy of the aortic valve leaflets and aortic sinuses, different surgical techniques may be needed for the treatment of aortic valve incompetence in aortic dissections. In this report, we retrospectively analyzed 29 patients, who have been operated for proximal aortic dissections in Ege University of Medicine, Cardio-vascular Surgery Department. Aortic valve resuspension had been performed in thirteen patients, and composite valve-graft replacement had been achie - ved in five. Surgical techniques, short-term results and long-term follow-up have been presented. Our standard protocol for the treatment of aortic valvular incompetence is to save the aortic valve with aortic valve resuspension in acute dissection setting if possible and compasite valve-graft replacement for chronic dissections.

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Hakan POSACIOĞLU, Yüksel ATAY, Faik OKUR, Bülent ÇETİNDAĞ, İlker ALAT, Levent CAN, Alp ALAYUNT, Münevver YÜKSEL, Suat BÜKET, Önol BİLKAY. Evaluation and Management of Aortic Valve in Proximal Aortic Dissections. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1997; 25(1): 39-44
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