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Indices of Abdominal Obesity and Obesity in Turkish Adults: Influence on [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2003; 31(2): 65-73

Indices of Abdominal Obesity and Obesity in Turkish Adults: Influence on

Altan ONAT1, Köksal CEYHAN2, Vedat SANSOY3, Hüseyin UYAREL4, Mehmet YAZICI5, Bülent UZUNLAR4, Yüksel DOĞAN6, Sadık TOPRAK7, Gülay HERGENÇ8

In the old and newly recruited cohorts of the Turkish Adult Risk Factor Srudy consisting of 2350 men and ıvomen (n1ean age 52±12 years). body mass index (BM/). ıvaisr circwnference and waist-to -lıip rario (WHR) were assessed cross-secrionally and prospectively. Coronary lı e art disease (CHD) ıva s diagnosed based 0n elinical jindings and Minnesota coding of resring electmcardiograms. Ar standardized age. meanıvaist circumferellce and BM/ inmen ıvere 90.7 cm and 27.3 kglm2. respectively. and inıvomen 90.8 ile 29.1 kglm2. respectiı• is esiimared rlıar 10.5millioll adıı/ts (22 .6% ofmell and 61% of women) in Turkey may be designated ro lıa ve abdomina/ obesity. Fol/oıving difference inmagnitude or ratio oj variab/es e.xisted across tlıe /ıiglıest and fowest quintifes ojwaist circumference: 22 mg/d! in apofipoprotein (apo) B. 3.5-fold to 2-fo/d in C-reactive protein (CRP). 2 to 2.4-jofd in fasring senun ilmtfin concentrations. Furtlıermore. diabetes was morefrequent by 2.2-fold in men and by 4.8-jofd in women across rlıese quintifes. In a fogisric regression cmalysis over a 4-year jolfow-up. waist circumference significantly tHediered nonfatal and/orfatal CHD risk in men. and among men and women combined. independent of9 otlıer salie/If risk factors, imparting 35% excess risk for eaclı inerement of 12 cm (= 1 SD) ofıvaist circumfe rence. ltı tlıe presence of tlıe lauer. BM/ failed to contribute to CHD prediction. lt ı va s concluded that abc/om ina/ obesity in Turkish adults not only mbstantially elevatec/ tlıe con centratimıs of im porta//( cardiovascu/ar risk jactors suc/ı as serum apo B. ilısu/in. CRP. and tlı e prevalence oj type ll diabetes. but alsa COIIfribwed independently to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. particularly among men. Tlı e ''curve" betıveen CHD risk and tlıe stated a tlıerogenic riskjactors suggested that Turkishmen witlı a ıvaisi circumference of96 cm slıou ld be considered m the "action level" . These findings should guide future public heart health policies.

Keywords: Abdominal obesity. anthropometric indices. coronary heart disease. obesity. risk factors. waist eircumiference

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Altan ONAT, Köksal CEYHAN, Vedat SANSOY, Hüseyin UYAREL, Mehmet YAZICI, Bülent UZUNLAR, Yüksel DOĞAN, Sadık TOPRAK, Gülay HERGENÇ. Indices of Abdominal Obesity and Obesity in Turkish Adults: Influence on. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 2003; 31(2): 65-73
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