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Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology - Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars: 48 (4)
Volume: 48  Issue: 4 - June 2020
1.The long-term safety and efficacy of fibrates in patients with hypertriglyceridemia: Real-life data from a lipid clinic cohort
Alberto Zambon
PMID: 32519990  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.99382  Pages 357 - 358
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2.Cumulative non-HDL-cholesterol burden in patients with hypertriglyceridemia receiving long-term fibrate therapy: Real life data from a lipid clinic cohort
Meral Kayıkçıoğlu, Shafa Shahbazova, Firdovsi İbrahimov, Levent Hürkan Can
PMID: 32519982  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2019.25169  Pages 359 - 367

3.Analysis of thrombophilic gene mutations in coronary artery ectasia
Zafer Yalım, Serap Tutgun Onrat, Sadık Volkan Emren, İbrahim Etem Dural, Alaettin Avşar, Ersel Onrat
PMID: 32525847  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2019.99789  Pages 368 - 373

4.Post-operative N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide predicts in-hospital mortality after living donor liver transplantation
İsmail Polat Canbolat, Cansu Akdeniz, Oya Ferah, Yaman Tokat
PMID: 32519985  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.42637  Pages 374 - 379

5.The “right way” to the left chamber in non-severe COPD: Echocardiographic predictors for stress-induced left ventricular diastolic dysfunction
Radostina Cherneva, Stefan Denchev, Zheyna Cherneva
PMID: 32519989  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.89238  Pages 380 - 391

6.Prognostic nutritional index predicts mortality in infective endocarditis
Serkan Kahraman, Hicaz Zencirkıran Aguş, Ali Kemal Kalkan, Fatih Uzun, Mehmet Ertürk, Mehmet Emin Kalkan, Mustafa Yıldız
PMID: 32519983  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.25899  Pages 392 - 402

7.The effect of transcatheter atrial septal defect closure on left heart function in pediatric patients
Ayşe Sülü, Derya Aydın Şahin, Osman Başpınar, Murat Sucu
PMID: 32519981  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.23793  Pages 403 - 409

8.Traditional Chinese medicine practices used in COVID-19 (Sars-cov 2/Coronavirus-19) treatment in clinic and their effects on the cardiovascular system
Emine Akalın, Miraç Ekici, Zinar Alan, Elif Özbir Elevli, Aysenur Yaman Bucak, Nuerbiye Aobuliaikemu, Ali Yağız Üresin
PMID: 32519978  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.03374  Pages 410 - 424

9.Which factors should be taken into account during an echocardiographic examination of patients with cardiac arrhythmias?
Yalçın Velibey
PMID: 32519988  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.74009  Pages 425 - 433
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10.The importance of the epinephrine provocation test for the hidden type-1 congenital long QT syndrome
Adem Atici, Ramazan Asoğlu, Hasan Ali Barman, Irfan Sahin
PMID: 32519984  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.40480  Pages 434 - 438

11.Non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction induced by carbon monoxide poisoning
Gamze Küçükosman, Bengü Gülhan Aydın, Hilal Ayoğlu
PMID: 32519987  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2019.60044  Pages 439 - 442

12.Successful leadless pacemaker implantation in a patient with profound bradycardia following transcatheter aortic valve replacement and mitral valve-in-valve procedure
Enes Elvin Gul, Yumna B Haseeb, Sohaib Haseeb, Reda Abuelatta, Osama Al Amoudi
PMID: 32519986  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.46635  Pages 443 - 446

13.Incremental value of multimodal imaging in the evaluation of complicated prosthetic valve endocarditis
Ahmet Güner, Alkım Ateşli, Hicaz Zencirkıran Aguş, Ekrem Güler, Gamze Babür Güler
PMID: 32519980  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.17676  Page 447
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14.A ventricular septal defect with a continuous left-to-right shunt mimicking a ruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm
Ali Hosseinsabet, Khalil Forozannia
PMID: 32519979  doi: 10.5543/tkda.2020.04688  Page 448
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15.Comment on cardiology publications
Ertan Ural
Page 449
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