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Echocardiographic Evidence of Asymptomatic Heart Involvement in Behçet's Disease [Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars]
Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1997; 25(1): 14-18

Echocardiographic Evidence of Asymptomatic Heart Involvement in Behçet's Disease

Mehmet KABUKÇU1, Serdar AKSÖYEK1, Osman ÖZCEBE2, Giray KABAKÇI1, Kurdert AYTEMİR1, Keman ÖVÜNÇ1, Lale TOKGÖZOĞLU1, Semra DÜNDAR2, Aysel ORAM1, Sırrı KES1

Clinical heart involvement is rare in Behçet's disease but since it causes an increase in the risk of mortality it is an important component of disease. Few data are available on left ventricular function changes in Behçet's disease. In this study Doppler echocardiography was used to asses the heart involvement in 53 patients with Behçet's disease who had no clinical evidence of heart disease and the results were compared with 42 age and sex matched controls. Telecardiography and 12 lead ECG were taken from all patients and controls. 2-D, M-mode and colour Doppler echocardiographic examinations were performed in both groups. The results of echocardiographic examinations were as follows: 1- Cardiac dimensions, global left ventri-cular systolic function and regional wall motion were found to be normal in all patients and controls. 2- Isovolumic relaxation time was prolonged ( 129.3±31.5 msec in the patient group versus 97. 1±27.3 msec in the control group; p< 0.05) and reversal of peak early and late transmitral diastolic flow velocities were more common((E/A< 1; 8 patienis versus 2 controls; p<0.05) in patiens with Behçet’s disease. 3- No pericardial effusion was detected. Mitral valve prolapse was noticed in two patients and mild mitral regurgitation in one patient. In one of the patients both mild mitral regurgitation were detected. Mild mitral regurgitation was shown in one and mild tricuspid regurgitation was detected in another control case. It concluded that in patients with Behçet's disease who had no clinical evidence of heart disease 1-Left ventricular systolic functions are normal 2- Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction is frequent 3- Myocardial, valvular and pericardial involvements are rare. It is suggested that Doppler echocardiography should be performed when the Behçet's disease first diagnosed. Clinical İmportance of diastolic dysfunction in patients with Behçet's disease would be understand with the following of patients.

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Mehmet KABUKÇU, Serdar AKSÖYEK, Osman ÖZCEBE, Giray KABAKÇI, Kurdert AYTEMİR, Keman ÖVÜNÇ, Lale TOKGÖZOĞLU, Semra DÜNDAR, Aysel ORAM, Sırrı KES. Echocardiographic Evidence of Asymptomatic Heart Involvement in Behçet's Disease. Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars. 1997; 25(1): 14-18
Manuscript Language: Turkish

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